Quod AI helps you find the code you need faster.

Once you find the code you need, Quod AI enhances each search results with helpful code summary to help:

  • Find someone to help clarify, integrate or review code

  • Troubleshoot the latest changes on the code

  • Find code dependencies to the one that you're editing (to make sure you don't miss necessary changes in other files)

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Find devs who can help and focus the commits that matter

Before you can deep dive into code context, you'll need to find code that you want to deep dive into. Once you find the code, all you need to do is click one of the search results

Find code dependencies

Have you ever edited code that resulted in a bug? Was it because someone forgot to change a related file?

With code browser, you can easily find code snippets that should be edited together.

  1. Search for code

  2. Click on Show in code browser on the top right​

  1. In code browser, click on Related snippets

  2. Then, click on Highlight in code browser

  3. On the left file tree view, you'll find files annotated with numbers. Those numbers show the number of related snippets.​

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