Quod AI helps you find code you need faster in all your repos.

There are plenty of reasons for searching for code:

  • Find example code

  • Inspect code to clarify an estimate

  • Review code for current behavior

Below, we'll explain how to find the code you need faster Quod AI.

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Find code many ways

With Quod AI, find the code the way you prefer:

  • Search using keywords like reset password or file upload.

  • Search exact code like code:["exports.postReset = function () {"]

  • Search fuzzy like passwrd (with a typo)

  • Search semantically like encryption (which doesn't exist in the repository) and be suggested to search password instead

When searching on Quod AI, you'll also be able to:

  1. Quickly jump to code with auto-complete suggestions

  2. Quickly narrow down your search with filters like domain tags, technical tags, in folder, in file, last updated, etc.

  3. Quickly find unfamiliar code with search suggestions

Find code with automatic suggestions from Github or Jira issues

One way to search code is to get search suggestions from our Chrome extension. Our extension automatically shows search suggestions inside your Github or Jira issues. All search suggestions are repo-specific and always lead to results.

If the search suggestions are not relevant, auto-complete will help you find relevant code inside Github or JIRA issues.

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