General prerequisites

aws s3 cp s3://s3-quod-on-premise/helm/ quod-helm --recursive --profile quod cd quod-helm

K8S cluster

K8S cluster requirement

  • Support cluster auto scaler

  • Use K8S version 1.17

  • The pipeline requires 4 core 16GB. Refer to the below YAML file for a small EKS cluster as a sample

  • 1 node pool which supports NVIDIA GPU, if support Nvidia GPU, GPU pool should have the taint [](<>) "present:NoSchedule"

  • TLS crt and key for exposing https services

Create EKS cluster automatically

  1. Quickly create a cluster for quod on premise using. This will create a cluster:

    • 4 cores 16gb ram nodegroup.

    • 4 cores 16gb ram plus gpu nodegroup


QuodAI helm chart


  1. TLS key and crt for exposing https services

  2. Domain for exposing https services

    1. web server, eg foWeb.domain

    2. api server, eg

    3. matomo server, eg

    4. webhook server, eg

    5. (Optional) Kibana server for viewing the log, eg (unauthenticated, should be exposed internally)

  3. AWS access key and secret to download image from ECR

  4. SMTP mail server for email notification

  5. Bitbucket consumer and private key

    1. The consumer key name will be QuodAI-ONPREM

  6. An AWS account with access key and secret key for back up purpose

  7. An S3 bucket which AWS backup account can write/read to for backing up/restoring the cluster

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